Money cant buy you happiness?!

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05/06/2013 by XANDER TANGO

Ever wonder who came up with the saying “money can’t buy you happiness”? Well I have, so I went out my way to research this as much as possible and this is what I’ve come up with.

After 15 years of marriage my neighbors decided to get a divorce. I never asked them why but I did always notice all tha arguing they did everyday. After carefully snooping around (lol) I noticed that the wife moved out and he had several women come in and out of his residence. Only problem was that the women were not even all that great especially tha way they dressed they looked POOR! Days, weeks, months went by and finally the divorce was finalized. It was then that I decided to start asking questions to the husband. He invited me in for a cigar, as we sat in his back patio smoking I complimented his amazing pool. He said, “thank you at least my new girl and you notice it.” I replied “what do you mean?”. He explained to me that the reason he divorced his wife was because she did not appreciate anything he did for her, all the hard work he did over tha course of their marriage was to keep her happy by providing for her making sure she never had to know what it was like to be poor. That’s why he decided his next girlfriend would come from poverty because someone who comes from nothing into having everything overnight will appreciate it all. It was clear then that his wife may have not appreciated anything he did for her but this new girl that looked and came from being poor would. Thus for the husband going from being unhappy with his un appreciative wife and this new girlfriend being un happy because she is poor, proves that money CAN buy you happiness. Now the husband is happy he has a girl who appreciates him and the things he does for her and the new girl being happy because she no longer has to stress that she cant pay the rent or having to worry about not eating today. As for the wife, well lets just say she now has to work twice as hard to buy her fancy things and good luck finding a guy who will dedicate his life to a 45 year old woman.

Not a lot of men out there want to dedicate their lives to a “woman” for those men who do, well ladies think twice before you jump ship.


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